Sunday, September 16, 2012

Its happening again... Saturday November 10th!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


First off... THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who showed up. We had a great first Cranksgiving, and I'm so excited about all the people who showed up.

With 65 registered riders, we raised 362lbs of food (about $800 worth!) for Metropolitan Ministries. Everyone had fun!

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors, it couldnt have been done without your help. Be sure to check out Mike's photos and look at the overall results for bragging rights.

Cranksgiving Tampa 2011

First overall - Daniel Gochenaur
Second overall - Kelby Roberts
Third overall - Ben Bridgeon

First female - Amy Rad!

Most generous - Jamie McClead ($39.47!!!)

The big list...

1. Daniel Gochenaur
2. Kelby Roberts
3. Ben Pridgeon
4. Tony Krol
5. Keith Thomas
6. Andy Slaven
7. Andrew Grenville
8. Bill Knapp
9. Shawn Morror
10. Dave Horst
11. Chris Weils
12. Travis Smith
13. Amy Rad
14. Tyler Toth
15. Orlando Valverde
16. Crystal Valverde
17. Clinton Hamilton
18. Lisa Kananen
19. Jamie McClead
20. Badda Skat
21. Carol Davis
22. Matthew Dewitt
23. Jeromy Dana
24. Andrew Sehlag
25. Fartin Martin
26. Jason Blysma
27. Adam Englert
28. Sonny Kennedy
29. The Larinos Family!! (Family racers!!)
30. Frank Rodriguez
31. Max Fallon
32. Ashley Black
33. Ryan Hanley
34. Nancy Gaskin
35. Selena Kroker
36. Sabrina Romann
37. Thai Nitrogen
38. Damion Schweizer
39. Steve Cortez
40. Jensen Kistler
41. Jhana Ray
42. Victor Garra
43. Katie Fife
44. Alyssa Marie
45. Lauren Prestwood
46. Johnathan Kovalik
47. Robert Dunfey
48. Clay Montgomery
49. Laurie Montgomery
50. Christy Ovellette
51. The Garrutes!! (Family racers!)
52. Daniella Arias
53. Jennifer Delio
54. Jonathan Doyon
55. Alex Gaesser

Lindsey Cox (flat)
F n' Mike Barry
Ashley Black (flat)
Michelle Murray

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Final Flyer!!!

Cranksgiving is slowly approaching, so make sure you're freeing up your Saturday to come out and check out the event! Its going to be a great time for a great cause

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LOTS of good news today!

Two things.....

Our great friends over at The Bricks have agreed to host the official after party, which is looking like its going to be split with the local All Florida polo comp!  More details are to follow very soon!

Prizes are starting to roll in... be sure to visit our wonderful sponsor links to the right!


Knog reppin

Saturday, September 24, 2011

November 12th!!

The date is set for November 12th!!! Keep checking the blog for more info!

(added a few sponsors as well, check the list to the right and visit some of the wonderful people that are helping!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011